Friday, 7th of October, 2022

Satellite Symposium Slot 1

Time:  Friday, October 7th at 10.30 to 11.15

Theme: The role of the IVF lab on "freeze-all cycles"

Chair: Marcos Meseguer, Spain

  • Optimization of oocyte vitrification in the lab – Maria Jose de los Santos, Spain
  • Optimization of embryo vitrification in the lab on freeze all cycles - Marcos Meseguer, Spain
  • Operational aspects of ‘freeze-all’ programs and ways to measure success - Alison Campbell, UK

Satellite Symposium Slot 2

Time: Friday 7th of October at 13.30-14:15

Theme: Novel technologies improving IVF outcomes

Chair: Thorir Hardarson, Clinical Investigation Director, Vitrolife

  • AI for embryo ranking – what you need to consider; Jørgen Berntsen, Data Science Manager, Vitrolife
  • Clinical outcomes of iDAScore in a full time-lapse IVF setting; Marcos Meseguer, PhD Scientific Supervisor and Senior Embryologist at IVIRMA, Valencia
  • Embryo cell-free DNA analysis for non-invasive aneuploidy testing; Carmen Rubio, Vice President of R&D Genetic Services, Igenomix


Saturday, 8th of October, 2022

Satellite Symposium Slot 3

Time: Saturday, October 8th at 10.30 to 11.15

Theme: Looking beyond survival: the paradigm of successful cryopreservation

How a successful cryopreservation program works as a key element in the positioning and general strategy of an IVF clinic, improving patient care and offering alternative treatments.

Presentations by Aïda Pujol (Head of Laboratory at CIRH (EUGIN Group) and Amy Barrie (Group Laboratory Coordinator at CARE Fertility Group).

Satellite Symposium Slot 4

Time: Saturday, October 8th at 13.30 to 14.15

Theme: The principles of a robust culture system for healthy embryo development

Chair: Magdalena Depa - Martynow, PhD ART Clinical Specialist Manager (EMEA), Cook Medical

  • Well balanced culture conditions; the perfect fit of each compartment - Nuno Costa-Borges, PhD, Spain
  • The principles of safe embryo incubation - Dr Nicolás Prados Dodd, Spain












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